An Abundance of BENEFITS!

Testimonies below are from interventions designed and facilitated by Music Does It! Director, Bob Kuchenmeister BM-T and are used with permission.

Mom of a 4yr old…Video

From Mom of a  19 yr old…”Just wanted you to know that M. thought the lesson went well and ‘this will work’. I was ecstatic; she even smiled when she was playing the ukulele during free time!”

From: mother of a non verbal 3 yr old…”D. has been attending Bob’s class since July 2017 and he loves going to music! It’s a joy to see him how much he enjoys interacting with Bob and how much progress we have noticed. Through these classes. D. has become less rigid in his play, he is excited to learn and
explore the new materials that each time Bob brings to the class, his ability to produce new and more clear sounds has improved tremendously,
protesting has decreased while transitioning  and the most amazing thing he learned to count from 1 to 10 by attending this class. We firmly believe that Bob, music and instruments have been a real key in his


Mom of 13 yr old…”Bob,  yesterday’s session went incredibly well.  It was the first time R. actively participated in free time and HE ENJOYED IT!  Thank you for your part in providing such a valuable service to the community.  You are making a difference. R is conversating more, he is also not as eager to give up when learning a new music skill and he is enjoying music.  As mentioned in our initial meeting, my hope for R is to develop better language, confidence and love for music.  He is making progress in all of those areas, thank you.