Now serving in TUCSON AZ !

 Welcome to an exciting new adventure where expertise meets music when Music Does It!™ Now serving in Tucson AZ, Music Does It LLC brings a whole new experience for all ages and abilities INCLUDING your loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.

YES! Featuring the RANCER PIANO METHOD proven over 47 yrs to develop new skills while enjoying playing piano using standard notation! We even add relaxation techniques, free time, and  improvisation fun to the mix in each session. A great balance of structured activity with motivating fun!

Music Does It!™ sessions are provided in convenient contracted community settings or private homes.

Questions? To learn more register for a free ” get acquainted” conference!

Conferences include;

  • A written assessment of your child or adult’s present capabilities and strengths
  • Documentation of your family,  school, and daily living goals
  • A written conference summary and action plan on how we may work together towards achieving your goals.

QUESTIONS?  Email: , or text/ call: 612 390 6374