Happier Days

As many families face confusion, fear and longing during these unprecedented challenging times, I offer parents my latest lyric to read to their kids or share with anyone they care for. God bless you during these times.

Happier Days

We can remember

How it used to be

But now things are different

For you and me


What was like magic

In the times we had

Now is for careful

We don’t get something bad


What do we have

That can stay the same?

Something from Someone

Who calls me by name?


Someone who cares

More than anything I know

Someone with Love in their heart

Who will help me grow


Grow into a world,

That is better than now

Where Love is the difference

That will show us how.


And knowing I’m Loved

Lets my tears disappear

I’ll trust in the time

When there’s more love than fear


When we’ll feel happy again

And can be with our friends

A happy so good and so true

We’ll wish it never ends.


We’ll do what we can

To keep each one of us strong

By doing what’s right

Not doing what’s wrong


Together we’ll smile

When the going gets rough

And encourage each other

To be brave and be tough


And someday just like a bird in a tree

We will sing a good song

That says goodbye to fear

And “Hello happier me”


To someone who’s grown

To be stronger each day

In the way that we act

And the things that we say.


The result can bring smiles

Letting tears go their ways

As we look forward to making

Our happier days.

©2020 Robert Kuchenmeister