Welcome! As the last of five kids in a music-loving family, I have to say it’s been a non-stop musical journey to my current dream project of creatively making music personal as director of “Music Does It!”

I LOVE doing what I do! “What IS that?” Seeing results HAPPEN! Like non-verbal youngsters speaking specific words for the first time. A brain damaged client regaining lost skills.  Seeing a hyper 5yr old sitting quietly after her creative “sitting still” sing-a-long song. So many more!

In a recent consultation I taught staff members an intervention process that turned chronic non productive behaviors to socially acceptable group participation in a creative music making group. The biggest proof of success was the big smile from the non verbal client. A staff member asked,’How do you DO this?”

How?  Using a life long love and working knowledge of creative music-making combined with a vast amount of experience since first becoming a Registered Music Therapist in 1972.    (having graduated from UW-Eau Claire with full time six months internship at Kalamazoo, MI State Hospital). Using experiences like working as a Music Therapist full time in settings including psych hospitals, youth homes & skilled nursing facilities. Using consulting experience for  community programs &  adult day programs.

When RESULTS matter most, will you contact me?. I can’t wait for the pleasure or putting my experiences to work for YOU!

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Kuchenmeister BM-T                                    text or call 612 390 6374