YES! Expertise Making a DIFFERENCE!

 Providing expert answers that make a difference for you is a vital hallmark of Music Does It! .

“Music Does It!”  appreciates and is thankful for having quick, easy access to the expertise of our Advisory Panel. Each member volunteers with excellent advice and caring attitudes that allows “Music Does It!” to be a results-oriented , exceptional and effective service.

Integrating our panel’s variety of expertise translates into personal and relevant care for each  family as clients progress towards goals. These advisors share an enthusiasm and  common understanding that for positive results, with proper application of education, experience and expertise, Music Does It!™

Susan Rancer RMT  Music Therapy Services, Author of  Autism expert, Temple Grandin endorsed, book Absolute Pitch in the Key of Autism.  Private Practice – Autism Specialty-Direct Session Activities

Dale Taylor PhD. MT-BC  Author, Bio-Medical Foundations of Music as Therapy         – Presentation  Activities

Mary Beth Van Putten MT-BC

Asst.Chairman- Emeritus Music Program
San Diego Community College -Senior Activities

Robert Suomala BSME Senior Activities Specialist

M. Ruth McCants PhD, UCLA – Certified Healthy Rhythms Facilitator- empowerment drumming Specialist. Individual/group piano teacher, steel drummer and piano performer.



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