YES! Music Meets AUTISM…with BENEFITS!

 MUSIC DOES IT! Our activities are designed with your GOALS in mind.

  •  Create Success Experiences
  • Increase Motivation to Learn
  • Create Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Build Social Skills
  • Acquire Language Skills
  • Develop Focused, Shared Attention
  •  Motivate Verbal Communication
  •  Improve Hand/eye coordination
  •  Develop Fine Motor Skills
  •  Exercise Motor Planning
  • Improve Visual tracking
  • Create Mindful Awareness
  • Stimulate Multi Sensory Brain Processing
  • Create Immediate  Positive Reinforcement
  • Motivate New Interests

WELCOME!  You may have just discovered a new door that may open to a  world of UNLIMITED possibilities. Welcome to where professional expertise and music meets Autism for benefits that may last a lifetime! Learn more by exploring this site and registering for a personalized, complimentary Care Conference!