Making Challenges EASIER !

Since first becoming a Registered Music Therapist in 1972, I have only learned too well, that caring for a child or adult on the Autism Spectrum or with related needs is a super difficult task. Definitely NOT easy.

With music by my side, I set out to do my part in changing that, by “lightening the burden” and bringing a new sort of experience to the lives of challenged families.

Welcome where music makes it all easier.Hope LIVES here. Potential GROWS here, where RESULTS mean smiles of satisfaction,and pride from successful achievements in activities where well placed, compassionate experience and expertise really matter in making a difference.

Instead of taking MY word for it, I humbly offer these received in an email… “Yesterday my staff and those we serve had AMAZING experiences in your first four sessions…”  from an Adult Day Program Director who called me wanting “Awesome” in her program and hearing from her Art Therapy consultant, I was doing “awesome things” for another program’s participants. Again, I’m happily honored by words of praise you can read from parents here.

Let me know when you would like your free 30 min consultation! I’m looking forward to serving you when music meets experience. THAT’S when Music Does It! Good RESULTS are waiting!

Bob Kuchenmeister-Director                                                        Music Does It!                                                                                                    Direct: 612 390 6374


Call/ text 612 390 6374, or email:                                                            RESULTS are waiting!